Domestic & Family Law



Snyder & Snyder represents clients in divorce, paternity, custody and child support proceedings, as well as clients in adoption proceedings. We guide people through these often highly emotional times and work together with our clients to obtain a successful resolution.  

The attorneys at Snyder & Snyder will help guide you through your domestic case in the following ways:

  • Listening to understand the entire situation.

  • Help you separate your emotional issues from legal issues.

  • Refocus the case on the legal matters.

  • Encourage you to prioritize your needs.

  • Dissuade you from waging a long-term battle.

  • Preserve the integrity of your familial relationships.

  • Litigate to solve, not prolong, disagreements. 

Domestic proceedings can be overwhelming but they are often only a temporary transition. We encourage clients to make the most of this time and their legal investment by trusting us to help them prioritize their legal needs.

Snyder & Snyder expertly handles all types of domestic and family law cases, including:

  • Divorce

  • Paternity Actions - Establishing Custody

  • Child Support Modifications

  • Custody and Parenting Plan Modifications

  • Post-Divorce Decree Enforcement

  • Step-parent Visitation

  • Grandparent Visitation

  • Protection from Abuse/Stalking - PFA's and PFS's

  • Adoption

Contact the attorneys at Snyder & Snyder to speak to an attorney about finding the best legal solution for your family.

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