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Business & Civil Law

The experienced business and commercial litigation lawyers at Snyder & Snyder have strong backgrounds in business that allow them to understand your business, finances, and economics in addition to how the law affects these matters. Snyder & Snyder is able to understand and evaluate your case at every stage to help you make informed economic decisions. We believe that one of the most integral parts of our representation is helping clients avoid and resolve disputes before they reach the point of litigation.

Often, a dispute will reach a point where resolution seems impossible and litigation becomes unavoidable.  The litigation team at Snyder & Snyder is ready to help you.  Our seasoned trial and appellate lawyers maintain an active practice in both district and appellate courts. The depth of our attorneys’ knowledge of trial and appellate procedure is complemented by their expertise in the art of advocacy as well as the breadth of their experience in multiple areas of law, including the following:


  • Contract Litigation

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Business Litigation

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Business Torts

  • Construction Law Disputes, Defects & Accidents

  • Personal Injury & Wrongful Death 

  • Creditor-Debtor Relations

  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes

  • Fiduciary Litigation

  • Insurance Coverage

  • Appeals


We strive to provide top-quality legal services in a cost effective and responsive manner.  Although we will work with our clients to favorably settle cases before trial, our attorneys are ready to bring your case before a judge or jury when necessary to bring a satisfactory resolution to your case. Many of our cases require strategic vision, sophisticated litigation skills, and pose unique challenges presented by complex litigation. We value efficiency and believe it is important to pick our battles wisely – fighting those that serve our clients’ interests and avoiding those that obscure the important issues and needlessly drive up costs.  Of course, litigation is a collaborative process, so the choices that are made in each case are the client’s as well as the attorney’s. We obtain successful results for our clients through a combination of hard work, analytical skill, creative thinking, and sound judgment.

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